BADASS KID is a Los Angeles based creative production agency where content is treated like family. It’s not a rigid thing that exists – it’s a flexible, malleable idea that evolves. We’re never stuck with what we have, we always create what we want with excellence, and by doing so we set up our partners for success.

Founded by Éli Sokhn, BADASS KID was created at the intersection of analog and digital on the premise of being fearless and creating cool things. BADASS KID has pioneered the marketing of youth culture through the creation of some of the most iconic music videos, commercials, and TV shows, with well over 2 Billion views.

We are born different, think different, and live different. And because of that, we have always exceeded our client’s expectations for original, innovative and high quality content. Our clients and our audience are equally our partners; It’s an open circle where everyone involved benefits.

At our core, we are just a bunch of creators who love making cool things that feed the internet and sometimes spread really really fast with a mission to connect brands with youth culture in innovative and compelling ways!